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Your Favourite Tonkotsu Ramen from Hakata.

About Our Store

At Hakata Gensuke, our guiding motto, ‘From Hakata to the World, 博多から世界へ,’ symbolizes our unwavering dedication to bringing the genuine Tonkotsu Ramen experience to Australia. Back in 2014, our founder, Ramen Master Mr Kousuke Yoshimura, introduced our multi-awarded Tonkotsu Ramen featuring homemade noodles and the unique “Yobimodoshi” (master stock) method, alongside with our beloved Hakata Hitokuchi Gyoza and Chicken Karaage right here at Russell Street, the heart of the vibrant and bustling Melbourne Chinatown. Today, our Russell Street shop remains committed to our mission of delivering the most authentic Hakata Ramen experience to Melbourne as our Australian Flagship store. We take pride in providing the most authentic Hakata experience in every aspect, from the rich and flavorful soup to our “声だし” (Koedashi), the Japanese calls, for heartfully welcoming, farewelling, and saying thank you to you and for your support. Our seamless “お待ち” (Omachi) system ensures you can enjoy your ramen as soon as possible from the queue, and also the fast-paced, umami-packed dining culture and vibe, all catering to busy CBD workers, local residents, and travelers from interstate and abroad, all seeking the authentic taste of Hakata Ramen. Join us at Hakata Gensuke Russell Street, and choose from a variety of seating options. Whether you prefer a quick solo meal at the counter or a cozy table for a more leisurely experience, immerse yourself in the true essence of Japanese ramen with us.

Our Address

168 Russell Street,
Melbourne 3000 Victoria
03 9663 6342

Our Opening Hours

Monday – Sunday
11:30am – 10.00pm

Public Holiday 15% surcharge applies


Our Menu

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