Welcome to the world of Hakata Gensuke.

Our Founder

Mr Kousuke Yoshimura 吉村幸助, the founder of Hakata Gensuke and Hakata Ikkousha, is very famous in the ramen industry in Japan. He constantly pursues the most desirable taste of ramen. Beside enjoying the great taste of our ramen, we hope all customer to feel Mr Yoshimura’s passion and devotion in ramen.

Ramen Champion

Mr Yoshimura has secured the title of Ultimate Ramen Champion in year 2011 & 2012. The shop in Bugis, Singapore has sold over 100,000 bowls of ramen within a year.

Best Bang for Buck Winner

In August 2015, Hakata Gensuke has been awarded the Best Bang for Bucks Restaurant by Time Out Melbourne.

Find out more about Master Chef Kousuke Yoshimura from www.ikkousha.com

About The Team

Award winning Ramen Master Kousuke Yoshimura invented the secret recipes Hakata Gensuke Tonkotsu Ramen when he founded and opened his first restaurant in 2008, with his many years in one of toughest dining environments in Japan and along with family experience of his parents their ramen/sushi shops his own restaurants have now blossomed around the world.

Ramen Master Kousuke Yoshimura, will be heading a personally selected expert team from Japan who have worked with him for over 15 years including Sous Chefs Shota Okayama and Takumi Yoshinaga to train and expertly calibrate all the kitchen equipment from noodles to gyoza making machine. As he does with every single shop that he opens, he will be visiting regularly to ensure that quality is of the highest standard that leads the ramen world.

To the World From Hakata

Hakata Gensuke The Real Tonkotsu Ramen from Hakata

Hakata Gensuke is a Japanese noodle bar located on 168 Russell Street in Melbourne CBD. Gensuke is specialized in pork bone noodle soup and dipping noodle also known as Tonkotsu Ramen and Tsukemen. Our Inventor and shop owners Master Chef Kousuke Yoshimura has brought the real taste of Hakata tonkotsu ramen to Australia for the first time.

The Ever Important Soup

Gensuke tonkotsu is prepared using “Yobimodoshi” (master stock) method to ensure a flavorful soup virtually only found in Japan’s best ramen dining experiences. With 7 top of the range stock cookers they will be churning out hundreds a liters a day to serve all of our hungry guests. Also using only the highest quality fresh pork bones from reputable Australian suppliers our team of chefs will not only inspect but also eat a full bowl daily ensuring its highest quality before serving to our guests. 

Our Moto

“To the World from Hakata”
Hakata being a famous central district in the bustling city of Fukuoka where Tonkotsu (Pork bone base) ramen was first invented in Japan. Hakata Gensuke today remains as one forefront of ramen restaurants in Fukuoka if not Japan.

Our Hakata Noodles

Hakata Gensuke noodle is made in house in a temperature, climate and humidity control room with the same best equipment used is every single ramen shop in the Hakata Gensuke group. The specialized Gensuke blend of flour will be closely inspect every step of the way by our noodle master and his team. The noodle is considered slightly more chewy and flatter than typical Hakata noodles and patrons will have the option to choose the firmness of their noodles and order extra servings if they require. All flour and other ingredient used are sourced from Australia.

Our Global Presence